A Second Susurrus

A Second Susurrus

This photo was from my first roll of experimenting with black and white infrared film and a pinhole camera. I went against the grain, and shot infrared in late November. Captured in Anseong, South Korea, with a Holga Pinhole Wide on Rollei Infrared 400 film, Hoya R72 filtered. The exposure time was around 12 minutes on a cloudy, breezy day. This, like all my black and white shots, was personally developed in the darkroom with D76.  © Patrick Bresnahan


17 thoughts on “A Second Susurrus

    • thanks, I’m really glad you like it. That day was really windy, so there’s a lot of movement in the sky. The water of the lake was choppy but looks soft due to the long exposure. I think this all adds to the dreaminess : )

    • Yes, I used a Holga Pinhole Wide camera with a Hoya R72 infrared filter. The filter is necessary when shooting infrared film, regardless of the camera used. This filter is very dark since it blocks out most visible light. Combined with the pinhole, exposure times are quite long. This picture had an exposure time of around 12 minutes. On a bright sunny day, the exposure time would be around 7-10 minutes long.

    • Indeed! It can produce some really dreamy shots – especially when paired up with infrared film and filter / long exposure. I recently ordered a zero image pinhole camera ( the 6×9 version ) because at times I want a crisper look : )

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