Infrared Scooter Cruisers

Infrared Scooter Riders

Shot in Ao Nang, Thailand with a Holga on the delightfully rare Kodak Aerochrome color infrared film. I used a Tiffen Yellow #12 filter. As always, this photo wasn’t photoshopped at all : ) © Patrick Bresnahan

16 thoughts on “Infrared Scooter Cruisers

  1. love this! and the pavement, looks like a knit 🙂 that’s what i meant in reflections post about our perceptions being “fiction”~ in a sense,this image does really exist,but in a infrared light spectrum that our eyes don’t see?

  2. Yes, this picture is showing us something that we cannot see – the infrared light that is bouncing / reflecting off of everything. The ‘knitting’ in the pavement was little bits of weeds and grasses that were sprouting up through the concrete.

  3. wow, this shot is incredibly good, those reds are amazing!!!
    [btw, I have a filter ring glued to the inside (right know is drying) of another of my pinhole cameras to use with an orange Kenko YA3 filter for that film, what do you think about?]

    • Thanks! I’m not too familiar with that filter, but you should be fine as long as it’s orange or yellow in color. Remember it’s ideal to shoot on clear days with the sun to your back. However, it all depends on what look you’re going for. This photo of the scooter riders was shot on a cloudy day, so the sky looks a bit washed out.

      Check out the photo in this link below. It was shot in late afternoon on a clear day with the sun behind the camera. Notice the bold blue sky and the vibrancy of the red foliage. ( This was the last of four or so rolls I shot in infrared. I finally figured out what to do : ) Anyhow, I’m really looking forward to see your experiments with color infrared!!!! I’m too afraid to shoot it with my pinhole but I’m so glad you’re brave enough : )

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    • Yeah, the Holga was the only medium format camera I had when I first purchased color IR film. I taped the camera up like mad to try and not get light leaks. It definitely took a bit of courage since the film is so rare and expensive. However, I find shooting IR film to be a little bit easier in the Holga as opposed to my Rolleiflex, which doesn’t have the red dot markings to help adjust for IR light. The Holga tends to make everything in the center of the frame crisp. Yet, I just ordered a 77mm yellow filter for my professor’s Mamiya RZ67….will attempt some nice color IR portraits with a shallow depth of field in the months to come : )

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