Shot in Seoul with a Canon AE-1 on Kodak 100 film. © Patrick Bresnahan

29 thoughts on “Glow

  1. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but when I try to access your blog posts from Facebook, it sends me to the WordPress support page???

    • Hmm…this is the first I’ve heard of that problem. I went to my FB page and clicked on some of the links to individual posts. They loaded just fine. Were you clicking on the links in your news feed or on the PJ Brez FB page?

    • Thanks, I was pleased with how this one turned out. I wasn’t sure if I had it focused properly and had to wait until I finished the roll and developed the film to see the results. Anyhow, it’s my pleasure to share : )

    • Thanks so much : ) Yes, it’s true. He does seem a bit lost in thought…Korean kids tend to have many responsibilities. Hopefully he wasn’t worried about his homework or school assignments!

  2. From my feed on my phone. It works fine on my computer, just not on my phone. Maybe just a fluke thing yesterday. Anyway! Great shot by the way! ^^

    • Oh I see. Well, let me know if it continues to be a problem. I’m not sure if I have everything set up on my blog for smart phone viewing. I’m pretty new at this whole blogging thing…Oh! And I’m glad you like my photo : )

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