Cross Processed Cross

Cross Processed Cross

Happy 20 year anniversary to Lomography! The future is analogue, so buy film – not megapixels. This was shot with a Holga on expired Fuji Astia 100F slide film, cross processed in C41. © Patrick Bresnahan


10 thoughts on “Cross Processed Cross

  1. I agree, Happy Anniversary Lomography! 🙂
    There are many different thoughts about Lomography, not all are very kind… I love Lomography, the playfulness, the easy going style, among other things.
    But what ever thoughts there may be, no one can possibly deny what they do for film photography!!
    New films, new cameras, all the time! Good film and good cameras, not just plastic “toys”.
    Thanks Patrick for bringing this up!
    Have a great weekend!

    • Yes, I’m definitely a fan of lomography. I used to have a film camera when I was in high school. I didn’t use it very much. Although I enjoyed checking out cool photos, I didn’t have all that much interest in trying to produce them myself. Eventually, I graduated from university and headed off to Korea. I saved up and got a basic point and shoot digital camera so that I could share photos of my travels. I started taking more pictures, but I really didn’t have much passion for it. I just shot when I went on a trip or to another country. It wasn’t until my parents found my old film camera and sent it my way that I began to really appreciate photography. This was about a year and a half ago. Soon after I discovered lomography when I found a Holga in my buddy’s apartment. I bought my own immediately and simply fell in love. Shortly after that I discovered there was a darkroom on my campus ( I teach English at a university in Korea ). How exciting it became to develop and print my own works. So now, every day, I have a choice to go out with either a digital or film camera. 99.999% of the time I shoot film. It’s simply more exciting and rewarding. I’m thankful that lomography is helping keep film alive. Marie, thanks for all your warm compliments on my photos. I really appreciate it! I always look forward to your posts. You have quite the eye!

    • I haven’t tried out the Spinner 360, although I’ve seen some really cool photos taken on it. Sure, there are some negative things about lomography – mainly marketing a whole hipster movement, charging absurd prices for cheaply crafted cameras, etc. I don’t really consider myself a ‘lomographer’ although I do use some lomo cameras. I prefer to view myself as a film photographer : ) Unfortunately, I can’t afford to buy a really nice film camera like a Leica, Hasselblad, or Rolleiflex just yet ( although I plan on saving up for a nice medium format camera in the near future ), so for now lomo cameras will have to do. Despite lomography’s negative points, I can’t hate on them. Simply put, they’re helping film stay afloat in this digital age. Since I’m dearly fond of shooting film, I support their efforts ^^

    • Thanks! I’m really glad you like it : ) Indeed, the Holga is really unpredictable. Sometimes photos come out really well, other times there a total mess. But, that’s why I love experimenting with the Holga. It can be very rewarding. And yes, this is a double exposure, so it’s two pictures taken on the same frame of film.

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