Sunset Over the Yellow Sea, Part Two

Shot in Anmyeondo ( 안면도 )with a Holga Pinhole Wide and a 6 stop ND ( neutral density ) filter on Kodak Ektacolor 160 medium format film. The exposure time was roughly eleven minutes. © Patrick Bresnahan


6 thoughts on “Sunset Over the Yellow Sea, Part Two

    • Thanks so much! Well, I honestly had no idea how this would turn out. This was my first outing with the holga pinhole, so I wasn’t too sure about exposure times. I was camping in this area for a few days, and I noticed this spot. I liked the vantage point – it’s up high on a bridge that goes over a big tide pool. I knew I wanted to try some photos there at sunset, but I had to wait until the tides came in at the right time. I don’t live in the area, so I had just one chance to get it right. I was fortunate in my exposure time guessing : )

      • I guess I knew that if I got it right there would be quite a bit of movement in the clouds due to long exposure. Also, I figured the water would look soft because of the rippling tide coming in. However, I really didn’t know that I’d be accurate in my exposure time.

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