Rippling Mountains, Rolling Fields

Rippling Mountains, Rolling Fields

Shot with a Holga Pinhole Wide in Boseong, South Korea on Kodak E100 VS slide film, E6 processed. I used a 6 stop neutral density filter. Combined with a pinhole camera, that equated to a roughly three minute exposure on a bright, albeit somewhat cloudy, day. © Patrick Bresnahan

17 thoughts on “Rippling Mountains, Rolling Fields

  1. I like this lot! And you are very brave to use Ektachrome and filter with this camera, but the result is gorgeous!
    Just a question, does this camera always vignette this much, or is is because of the filter?

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like it : ) This camera usually has some vignetting, but it’s not always this strong. I don’t think the filter has much to do with it. I’m not exactly sure ( because I haven’t shot with this camera too much ) but I think the vignetting comes with underexposure. If a shot is overexposed a bit, there should be less vignetting. Also, I shaved and filed down the bit of plastic around the pinhole itself. That helps in reducing strong vignetting. Here’s a picture that someone posted online concerning the holga pinhole wide modification.

      Holga 120WPC

  2. Interesting technique, I guess a camera does not have to cost as much as a good second hand car 🙂
    What else can I say, fantastic photo!

  3. Such a lovely scene and a great job of capturing it with the holga pinhole. Good idea using a ND filter. I often wondered about putting a filter on my pinhole to bump contrast, or even to allow me to shoot infrared. Not sure how that works, but it may be worth investigating.

    • Cheers! I also want to try shooting some infrared with my pinhole. I haven’t gotten around to experimenting with that just yet, but I definitely think it’s worth a try. I have two rolls of color infrared in the freezer, but I’m too worried about shooting that with the pinhole. I’d hate to get the exposure wrong. I’ll most likely try b&w infrared in the pinhole sometime in the future. Anyhow, go ahead! Give it a try. Film is so much fun with which to experiment : )

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