Infrared Reflections

Infrared Reflections

Shot in Cheonan, South Korea with a Holga on the now discontinued Efke Aura IR 820 film. Used a Hoya R72 infrared filter, roughly 1.5 second exposure time in bright sunlight at f/11. © Patrick Bresnahan


10 thoughts on “Infrared Reflections

    • thanks : ) I’m really glad to hear you’re getting some color IR film~!!! I know, it’s ridiculously expensive due to its rarity. Are you going to shoot it in your pinhole camera? I wanted to try that, but I was afraid I’d get the exposure time wrong.

      • yes, my intention is to try it with my 8banners pinhole camera in 6×9 (or 6×6 to have more shots!) but I have to decide which filter to use (I have to buy it/them); any suggestion?
        take care!

      • Either way you can’t go wrong. I really like what you’re doing with pinhole photography! From what I understand, an orange or yellow filter works best. I use a Tiffen #12 yellow filter. You can process the film in either E6 to make slides or C41 to make negatives. I opted for E6. If you go the C41 route, the sky will look more turquoise in color and leaves will look more orange. With E6, the sky looks a dark blue and leaves are bright red. Make sure that you develop at a decent lab where they have some experience with infrared film. The developing must be done by hand in complete darkness – if the lab puts the film into a developing machine, the pictures will get fogged. Anyhow, have fun and happy experimenting! I really look forward to what you produce : )

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