A Korean Grandma (할머니) in the Countryside

A Korean Grandma in the Countryside

Shot with a Canon AE-1 on Kodak Elite Chrome 100 film, cross processed in C-41. © Patrick Bresnahan


12 thoughts on “A Korean Grandma (할머니) in the Countryside

    • heheh, that’s kind of a mini pagoda. It’s not used for worship, it’s more like a small shelter. Folks will relax under there in the shade or take cover from the rain.

      • I haven’t checked out that spot just yet. I think it’s called 서일 농원. I should definitely get on it, though. I’ve been out to Gosam Lake which is in Anseong. That’s where Kim Ki Duk directed The Isle ( 섬 ). Most of that movie takes place on one of those floating hotels where ajusshi’s fish from.

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