Clouds Brisk and Billowing, Temple Silhouette

Clouds Brisk and Billowing, Temple Silhouette

This long, double exposure was taken during a full moon in Anseong, South Korea. It was shot with a Lomo LC-A on Kodak Elite Chrome 400 slide film, cross processed in C-41. © Patrick Bresnahan


10 thoughts on “Clouds Brisk and Billowing, Temple Silhouette

      • It’s not all that complicated. Take some slide film ( positive image ) and shoot it one or two stops faster than normal. For example, if you have 100 ISO film shoot it at 200 or 400. Then, instead of processing it at the lab with E6 like most slide films, process it in C41 to make it a negative. Then you’ll get a different kind of image – usually more vibrant with odd color shifts : )

      • I must admit that I did some research after posting the comment, and found an interesting site on manually developing film which said fairly much the same as you. To my way of thinking the type of developing that you do is an art 🙂

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