Infrared Cotton Candy Clouds

Infrared Cotton Candy

Shot with a Holga on the extremely rare Kodak Aerochrome color infrared film. I used a yellow filter, Tiffen #12, and developed the film with the E6 process. If you dig this, check out some of the other color infrared photos I’ve posted earlier on. © Patrick Bresnahan


6 thoughts on “Infrared Cotton Candy Clouds

  1. Totally. It’s a major bummer that they stopped producing color infrared back in 2007. Kodak really dropped the ball when the market shifted towards digital photography. Sadly, I feel the art of color infrared is slowly becoming extinct. Digital imitations are simply not as striking. I posted a few other color infrared at the beginning of my blog. If you can, check those ones out too~!

  2. Thanks! I have a few more color infrared photos posted here as well. Check those ones out – hopefully you’ll like them too. By the way, your photos are amazing! I have a pinhole camera ( the holga pinhole wide ) and it doesn’t seem to produce photos as crisp as yours – even though I always use a tripod.

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